Dual Backup Solutions


Today’s Question: Can you clarify why you use both GoodSync and Backblaze to back up your photos, rather than just using one of the two?

Tim’s Quick Answer: I use both of these backup solutions because GoodSync (https://www.timgreyphoto.com/goodsync) is a good tool for backing up locally, and Backblaze (https://timgrey.me/cloudbackup) is a good tool for backing up remotely via cloud storage.

More Detail: When it comes to a reliable workflow for backing up photos and other important data, I recommend following the “3-2-1” rule. This calls for maintaining three copies of your data, with two copies stored locally and one copy stored remotely.

I actually take this a little further, maintaining two local backups in addition to a remote backup. So, I use GoodSync to back up my primary drives to two additional drives. Each of those backup drives can easily replace the primary drive should I experience a failure of other issue with the drive.

To supplement my local backup workflow, I make use of Backblaze for an online backup, which serves as my primary offsite backup. This provides a backup that I can recover from even if I experience a disaster that causes all my local storage to be damaged or destroyed. As unlikely as this scenario may be (I hope!), the online backup provides additional peace of mind.

I covered my full backup workflow and provided much more information about defining and executing a workflow for backing up your photos in a GreyLearning Ultimate Event last year. Recordings of all presentations from this online event are available here: