Live Online Workshop: “Mastering Photo Optimization in Lightroom Classic”


I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a comprehensive live online workshop during the first two weeks of January, focused on helping photographers make the most of Lightroom Classic for optimizing their photos to perfection. This will include detailed coverage of the completely new approach to applying targeted adjustments in Lightroom Classic 11.

During our Black Friday promotion you can register for this live online workshop for just $79! After the promotion the price will return to $149.

The live online workshop features:

    • Six online “virtual classroom” sessions with live demonstrations and practical examples (each session is about two hours in duration).
    • Access to recordings of all workshop sessions, including the option to download the recordings to your computer or mobile device.
    • Opportunity to get your questions answered during the live online sessions.
    • Option to submit follow-up questions via email.
    • Limited class size to ensure personal attention.
    • And more!

The six online sessions will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 12:00pm to about 2:00pm Eastern Time. The first session will be on Monday, January 3, 2022, and the final session will be on Friday, January 14, 2022. If you’re not able to attend any of the live online sessions you can review the recordings for any missed sessions and ask questions during the following sessions or via email.

If you would like to gain confidence in your ability to optimize your photographs to perfection and realize your vision for each image, you won’t want to miss this online workshop experience!

You can get all of the details of this comprehensive online workshop here:

I’ll hope to see you in my “virtual classroom” in January!

20 Years of “Ask Tim Grey”!


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that today marks twenty years since I published the very first edition of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter.

To commemorate this major milestone, I have written an eBook called Behind the Answers that looks back at some of the anecdotes from over the years.

You can buy the eBook if you’d like to show your gratitude for the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, or you can get the eBook at a discount or for free if you prefer. Either way, thank you for being a reader!

You can get all the details about the eBook on the GreyLearning website here:

5DayDeal Photography Bundle 2021


The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle is available starting today, but it is only available for five days and then the deal is gone. This year my video course on “Photo Planning with PhotoPills” is included in the Pro Bundle, which is an upgrade from the standard Photography Bundle.

The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle includes over $2,000 in content for just $89. And the Pro Bundle and Complete Bundle upgrade options include additional content representing a significantly greater value.

You can learn all about the 5DayDeal Photography Bundle 2021 here:

But be sure to check it out now, because as the name tells you, the 5DayDeal Photography Bundle is only available for five days, through October 19th.

Starting Monday: Photoshop Virtual Summit

On Monday my first class on “Mastering Selections” will go live at 1pm Eastern Time as part of the online Photoshop Virtual Summit 2021, which is an online event featuring a total of forty presentations October 4-8, 2021.
In addition, the “early bird” pricing for the VIP Pass ends at 12pm Eastern Time on Monday. A VIP pass includes forever access to recordings of all classes, instructor notes for the classes, and more.
My second presentation for the Photoshop Virtual Summit will be on “Maximum Control in Photoshop”, and will go live at 10am Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 6th.
You can register for free (and get info about the special VIP Pass) here:
So, be sure to register now and join me and nineteen other instructors for five days full of great education on Photoshop starting on Monday!

Photoshop Virtual Summit 2021


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching at the online Photoshop Virtual Summit during the week of October 4th through the 8th. And registration is now open!

Register Here:


Photoshop Virtual Summit
October 4 – 8, 2021
20 expert instructors teaching 40 classes
Over 30 hours of content! And you can watch it for free!

All classes are free to watch for a 48 period once they go live, and there’s an optional VIP Pass available for purchase that gives you lifetime access to the recordings of all classes, along with audio recordings, instructor-provided class notes and exclusive bonuses.

It’s going to be an amazing week of FREE education from some of the top Photoshop instructors in the world! I hope you can join me.


Pixology Magazine September 2021


The September 2021 issue of Pixology magazine is now available, featuring the following articles:

  • Resolution and Cropping
    Get insights on how to compare different cameras with sensors featuring different resolutions and different physical dimensions.
  • Quick Mask Mode
    Learn how to use the powerful “Quick Mask Mode” in Photoshop to refine or create selections.
  • Moving the Catalog
    Find out the right way to move your Lightroom Classic catalog to a different storage location, such as to easily access the catalog from more than one computer.
  • Apple M1 Processor
    A look at the pros and cons of the latest computers featuring the new Apple M1 processor, and whether you should consider buying now.
  • Photo Story: Circumnavigation
    Sometimes it is difficult to choose a favorite photo from a single trip, especially when the trip is relatively long and involves visits to multiple locations.

Pixology magazine is included in the GreyLearning Ultimate Bundle, and is also available as a standalone subscription here:

18 Years of “Ask Tim Grey”!


Today marks 18 years since I sent out the first Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, though it went by the name “Digital Darkroom Questions” way back then.

Since that first email, I’ve been answering questions from photographers for 18 years now, which works out to a total of 4,058 editions of the newsletter, including today’s anniversary edition.

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve added a significant bonus to my “Lightroom Cleanup One-on-One” bundle. If you order this bundle today, in addition to the great content and support that is already included, you’ll also receive a one-hour call directly with me. During that call you can share your screen so I can evaluate your workflow and help you restore order to your Lightroom Classic catalog.

You can get all the details by visiting the GreyLearning website here:

16 Years of Ask Tim Grey!


Sixteen years ago today I sent out the very first edition of the Ask Tim Grey email newsletter (though at the time it was referred to as “Digital Darkroom Questions”).
It is hard to believe I’ve been at it so long. In fact, through today there have been 3,532 installments of this email newsletter.
To celebrate this milestone we’re offering 16% off any course in the GreyLearning library. Simply use “ask16” (without the quotation marks) in the Coupon Code field during checkout (being sure to click the “Apply” button to actually apply the discount).
A huge “Thank You!” to all of you who allow the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter into your inbox each day, especially those of you who have been reading for years now. Thank you!
You can check out the GreyLearning video training library here:

15 Years of Ask Tim Grey!

FacebooktwitterlinkedinToday marks the 15-year anniversary of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter.

cropped-ATGLogoCircle1.pngI had no idea what I was getting myself into when I sent out that first email newsletter. Little did I know I would still be answering questions from photographers through that email newsletter fifteen years later, and that writing those emails would become a major focus of my working life. The time has flown by very quickly, and we’ve seen so much change along the way!

Early questions in the email newsletter (which was called “Digital Darkroom Questions” way back then) related mostly to scanning slides, processing scanned slides in Photoshop, and understanding the potential of digital cameras and when they might replace film.

Today, many of the questions relate to image management, photography, and better understanding the technologies that influence our photography. We’ve transitioned from low-resolution (and heavy!) digital SLR cameras that seemed better at generating noise than creating photographs, to smartphones with greater resolution and higher image quality that fit in our pocket.

I’ve written over 3,000 editions of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter (3,029 as of now, to be exact). I don’t know how any photographers find the time to read the emails, much less how I manage to find the time to write them. But it is so wonderful to have photographers tell me they appreciate the effort.

On more than one occasion when I’ve missed a day or two of the email newsletter due to a hectic schedule, I’ve had photographers write to make sure I was OK, indicating they were worried at the absence of the emails. And a great many photographers have told me how much they enjoy reading the daily emails with their morning cup of coffee.

As a way of celebrating this milestone, I’ve teamed up with some partners to provide discounts on products and services I’ve become a fan of over the years. I am also providing a special offer on a GreyLearning subscription.

You can get all of the details about special “15-Year Anniversary” discounts here:

I am extremely grateful to all photographers who let me into their Inbox with the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter. I appreciate the support I have received and the kind words I’ve heard from photographers for fifteen years and counting. Thank you so very much.

Here’s to another fifteen years!

Tim Grey

Tim Grey

Welcome to the Ask Tim Grey Blog

FacebooktwitterlinkedinWelcome to the new Ask Tim Grey Blog. For over thirteen years I have been answering questions from photographers in my “Ask Tim Grey” email newsletter. In an effort to make the answers presented in the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter more easily available to photographers, we’ll publish each daily question and answer right here. Also note that you can tune in to the weekly Ask Tim Grey Podcast to listen to commentary about the questions from each week. And to learn even more with great video training tutorials, check out Thanks for tuning in!