Catching Up on Version Updates


Today’s Question: I’ve been putting off updating [Adobe] Bridge and Photoshop new versions for various reasons and now need to catch up. Do I need to add all the earlier missed versions one by one, or can I just go ahead to the latest version without missing anything?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You do not need to install any of the intermediate updates to the Adobe applications. You can simply install the most recent version so you can take advantage of all the latest updates.

More Detail: If you’ve skipped a couple versions of an application in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you can simply install the latest version without installing any intermediate versions.

I recommend keeping the existing version installed until after you’ve installed the latest versions and confirmed everything is working properly. You can then uninstall the older version assuming you don’t need to keep it installed, such as to support older plug-ins that don’t work with the latest version.

Once the latest version is installed, you’ll have access to all the new and updated features that had been added to various intermediate versions in between.