Windows Applications on Macintosh


Today’s Question: I understand that with the new Apple processor it is not possible to dual boot into Windows. Is there no longer a way to run Windows apps on a Macintosh computer?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can use emulation software to run Windows (and Windows applications) even on the latest Macintosh computers that feature the Apple M1 and M2 processors.

More Detail: The latest computers with the Apple M1 and M2 processors are not able to dual boot into Windows. However, you can run Windows in a software emulator such as Parallels (, which enables you to run Windows applications.

Through the use of emulation software, you can think of the Windows operating system as running like an application on Macintosh. Within Windows via the emulator software, you can run any applications as though you were using a computer that runs Windows natively.

I actually find this approach far more streamlined than having to boot the computer into one operating system or the other, because it enables you to switch back and forth fluidly between Macintosh applications and Windows applications. My testing has shown that the performance is excellent, even when running applications that require considerable system resources.

You can learn more about Parallels software here: