Photo Border in Lightroom Classic


Today’s Question: With Lightroom Classic can I put a border around the edge of my photos?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Not exactly. You could use the “Stroke Border” option in the Print module to add a border around a photo, but this does not provide a great solution. Instead, I recommend sending the image to Photoshop to add a Stroke layer effect.

More Detail: Lightroom Classic does not include a general “stroke” effect that enables you to add a border to an image, other than the option for adding a Stroke Border in the Print module. The Print module, of course, is focused on printing your photos. You could use the “Print to File” option to generate a JPEG image of the result, but that would not be ideal for all scenarios.

More to the point, creating a border effect in this way would require that you’re either willing to crop the image to fit the paper dimensions, or configure the paper dimensions to exactly match those of your photo. This can be a little complicated to configure, depending to some extent on how you’ve cropped your photo.

Instead, I recommend sending the image to Photoshop (via the Photo > Edit In command on the menu) to add a stroke effect, where you could also add a variety of other visual effects to the photo. In the context of Photoshop that would call for adding a Stroke via the Layer Effects feature.

You could convert the “Background” image layer to a normal layer by double-clicking on the thumbnail for that layer on the Layers panel. Then click the “fx” button at the bottom of the Layers panel and choose Stroke. That will bring up the Layer Styles dialog, where you can configure the Stroke settings along with adding other visual effects.