Opening Photos from Bridge


Today’s Question: I recently was browsing some old files using the current version of Bridge CC. When I double-clicked on a file in Bridge, it didn’t open in Photoshop CC [2018]. I went to the menu to use “File Open With” but the only option listed was Photoshop CC 2017; no other choices were listed. So how do I change default preferences for opening old files from Bridge?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Assuming you have Photoshop CC 2018 installed, I would first make sure you have enabled the startup script for this latest version of Photoshop in Adobe Bridge. Then you can confirm the file type association for the applicable file types to ensure they open properly in the latest version of Photoshop from Bridge.

More Detail: When you install a major update to Photoshop that gets installed as a new application rather than simply updating an existing application, a new startup script will be enabled in Adobe Bridge. The first time you launch Bridge after such an update you should see a message asking if you want to enable the script.

If you chose not to enable the startup script at that time, you can still enable it in the Preferences dialog within Bridge. From the Adobe Bridge menu on Macintosh or the Edit menu on Windows choose Preferences. Then, in the Preferences dialog, go to the Startup Scripts page. Turn on the checkbox for Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

You can also go to the File Type Associations page to confirm that applicable file types (such as TIFF and PSD) are associated with the latest version of Photoshop. Locate the file types you want to open with Photoshop and click the popup, choosing the latest version of Photoshop to set the association.

After making these changes, click the OK button to close the Preferences dialog, then quit and re-launch Adobe Bridge, and you should be able to open files in Photoshop by simply double-clicking on the file you want to open.