Lightroom 6.3 Update


Today’s Question: I see that there is now a version 6.3 update to Lightroom. After the problems many photographers (including me) experienced with the 6.2 update, I’m a little nervous. Do you think it is safe to upgrade?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Based on my testing and feedback from others who have already installed the 6.3 (or 2015.3 for Creative Cloud customers) update for Lightroom, I do recommend installing this update. When you upgrade to version 6.3 (2015.3) update, you will gain access to support for some new RAW capture formats, benefit from a number of bug fixes, and also have the Import process returned (for the most part) to the version from before the major changes that were implemented in the 6.2 update.

More Detail: As I have probably made clear previously, I was not happy with the changes to the Import feature implemented in Lightroom 6.3. Several updated default options were (in my opinion) problematic, some features were removed, and the controls for changing various settings were hidden by default. So I’m happy that the 6.3 update to Lightroom reverts to the previous Import experience.

There had also been a variety of stability problems introduced in the version 6.2 update to Lightroom. While most of those were fixed with a 6.2.1 update, this latest update to version 6.3 includes additional improvements and bug fixes.

As noted above, I have tested the version 6.3 update rather extensively, and have found it to be very stable. I’ve also received feedback from others who have had a similar experience. So, my recommendation is to upgrade to version 6.3 (2015.3) right away. You can do so via the Creative Cloud application (if you are a subscriber), or by choosing Help > Updates from the menu.