Creative Cloud Difficulty


Today’s Question: I’m still struggling with the fact that I keep being asked to log in and relicense every time I open the Creative Cloud. Do you know of a solution?

Tim’s Quick Answer: In my experience, there are two solutions (both of which are somewhat related). The first is to simply update to the latest version of the Creative Cloud application. The second is to uninstall and reinstall the Creative Cloud application. In my experience, this has solved the issue of being asked frequently to sign in to your Creative Cloud account.

More Detail: Installing the latest update to the Creative Cloud application is generally very straightforward, and often required to make use of the application. When you pull up the Creative Cloud application you should be asked to upgrade if there is a new version available. If such an update is available, installing it should resolve your issue.

Otherwise, I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Creative Cloud application. You can find the uninstall option in the Adobe Creative Cloud folder within the Program Files folder on Windows, or in the Applications folder on Macintosh.

If neither of these options provide a solution, you can find some more information about possible solutions through the Adobe support website here: