Older Process Versions


Today’s Question: I understand the notion of Process Versions in Lightroom, and in general I want to update all photos to the latest Process Version. What I’d like to know is whether there is an easy way to find the photos that were adjusted with an older Process Version, so I can easily update all of them.

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can find all photos in the current Lightroom catalog that have not been updated to the latest Process Version by going to the menu and choosing Library > Find Previous Process Photos.

More Detail: When you choose Find Previous Process Photos from the Library menu in Lightroom, all of the photos in your catalog will be checked to see if any have not yet been updated to the current Process Version. Any photos that are set to an older Process Version will then be displayed. If no photos in the catalog have an older Process Version, you will receive a notification to that effect.

Once you have all of the images filtered so that only those with an older Process Version are displayed, you can update all of those photos to the latest Process Version if you’d like. You can, for example, click the “lightning bolt” icon that appears below the Histogram display on the right panel in the Develop module, indicating the current image is not using the current Process Version.

When you click the “lightning bolt” icon, you will be prompted to choose whether you want to update only the currently selected photo, or all photos on the Filmstrip. You can click the “Update All Filmstrip Photos” button so that all images in your catalog will be updated to the latest Process Version, since you are currently viewing all photos that had not yet been updated to that latest Process Version.