Lightroom CC Won’t Start


Today’s Question: I downloaded and installed new Lightroom via Adobe Creative Cloud and it won’t start! I still have Lightroom 5.7 and it works. All files seem to be there, but nothing happens when try to launch the new version. I tried reinstalling and same problem. Do you know of a solution?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You should be able to resolve this issue by signing out of Creative Cloud on your computer, and then signing in again.

More Detail: I received several emails from readers who were having this problem with the new installation of Lightroom CC. All of the readers who wrote indicated they were using (or attempting to use) Lightroom on a Windows-based computer, but I’m not sure if this problem is specific to Windows.

However, it does appear that the solution is simply a matter of signing out of your Creative Cloud account on that computer and then signing back in again. I have received follow-up emails from several readers confirming this, after they were informed of this workaround by Adobe’s technical support.