Two (or More) Exports at Once


Today’s Question: As a follow-up to your answer about saving photos as both TIFF and JPEG for archival purposes, is there an easy way to create both of those file types at once when exporting from Lightroom Classic?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can export multiple copies of selected photos for different purposes by turning on the checkbox for presets in the Export dialog in Lightroom Classic rather than simply selecting a single preset.

More Detail: The “normal” process of exporting copies of photos from Lightroom Classic is to select the photos, click the Export button at the bottom of the left panel in the Library module, click on the name of the preset you want to use for export (or configure the settings to your liking if you don’t have a preset created) and click the Export button. The selected photos will then be exported based on the established settings.

However, it is also possible to export multiple copies of selected photos by selecting multiple presets within the Export dialog.

The first step is to create the applicable presets if you haven’t done so already. In the Export dialog you can configure all the settings you’d like for an export preset, then click the Add button at the bottom of the left section of the dialog. In the dialog that appears enter a meaningful name for the preset, choose the folder you want to save the preset in (the default is “User Presets”), and click the Create button. Note that if you anticipate exporting photos for multiple presets I recommend using unique folder names for each of them. For example, you could set the primary location for the export as the Desktop, then create a subfolder with the same name as the preset so that the images for each preset will be saved in individual folders.

Once you have the applicable presets created, you can export photos for multiple presets. Rather than clicking the name of the preset in the Export dialog, turn on the checkbox to the left of the preset name for each of the presets you want to export for. For example, you might want to export the photos as TIFF images for printing, as well as small JPEG copies for sharing on the blog. You can turn on the checkboxes for as many of the presets as you’d like, then click the Export button.

By using this approach, you can easily export photos for different purposes with one simple workflow. Just select the photos you want to export, click the Export button, turn on the checkboxes for the applicable export presets, and click the Export button to initiate the process of exporting the photos for all presets you selected.