Reset All Adjustments in Camera Raw


Today’s Question: Is there a way to reset all sliders [in Camera Raw] at one time?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, in Camera Raw you can click on the “More” button and choose “Reset to Default” to reset all adjustments to their default values.

More Detail: If you want to reset the adjustments in Camera Raw to the default settings, you can use the “Reset to Defaults” command. This is found on the “More” button, which is a button showing an ellipsis (three dots) on the toolbar at the top-right of the Camera Raw interface.

If you open a raw capture that has never been modified with Camera Raw, then you can also use the Reset button to reset all adjustments to their default values. To do so simply hold the Alt key on Windows or the Option key on Macintosh. That will cause the Cancel button to change to a Reset button, and you can click that button while holding the Alt/Option key to reset all sliders to their defaults.

However, if you re-open a raw capture you had previously modified with Camera Raw, the standard Reset button won’t work. That’s because the Reset button actually resets all adjustments to what they were set to when you opened the image, not to the Camera Raw defaults.

For example, let’s assume you processed a raw capture to a black and white interpretation using Camera Raw. The adjustment settings will be preserved with the source image (in an XMP sidecar file in the case of a proprietary raw capture).

If you open that raw capture again in Camera Raw, it will appear in black and white based on the previous adjustments. If you hold the Alt/Option key and click the Reset button, you’ll only reset adjustments modified since you just opened the image, meaning you’ll be resetting to the black and white version in this example.

If on the other hand you click the “More” button and choose “Reset to Default”, you’ll be resetting all adjustments to the Camera Raw default settings, which in this example means you would be resetting the black and white image back to the original color capture.