Transform Tools Moved


Today’s Question: I seem to be missing all the tools for straightening and perspective distortion. I believe they were under Optics. Where are they now?

Tim’s Quick Answer: In Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom the straightening and geometric adjustments are now found on the “Crop, Rotate, Geometry” panel, under a “Geometry” heading.

More Detail: In a recent update to both Camera Raw and Lightroom, the Transform adjustments were moved from the Optics section of the Edit panel to the updated “Crop, Rotate, Geometry” panel. In addition to the crop and rotation adjustments, there is now a Geometry section that includes the various sliders for transforming an image, along with the Upright controls.

In Lightroom Classic these tools remain primarily in the Transform section of the right panel in the Develop module, though some related adjustments are found with the Crop tool.