Viewing Metadata While Editing


Today’s Question: While working in the Develop module [in Lightroom Classic], is there any way to see the information that is displayed in the Library module (lens, focal length, exposure, etc.) without having to switch back and forth between the modules?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can display the information overlay on the image in the Develop module of Lightroom Classic by pressing the letter “I” on the keyboard to cycle through the information options. You can configure which information is displayed in the View Options dialog.

More Detail: In Lightroom Classic you can display an information overlay on an image in the loupe view, and you can configure two different options for which information is displayed. Pressing the letter “I” on the keyboard will cycle you between the three options, which are information #1, information #1, and no overlay display.

To configure the information overlay options, choose View > View Options from the menu while working from either the Library module or the Develop module. If you selected the menu command while in the Library module, be sure to select the Loupe View tab from the top of the dialog.

You can then configure the three metadata options for both “Loupe Info 1” and “Loupe Info 2”. The option selected from the first of the three popups will appear in a larger font than the other two, so you may want to select what you consider to be the more important metadata value from that popup.

So, for example, you might configure the settings for Loupe Info 1 to include “File Name and Copy Name”, “Capture Date/Time”, and “Camera + Lens”.. You might set Loupe Info 2 to include “File Name and Copy Name”, “Exposure Settings”, and “Title”. The options you select depend on what information is most helpful for you to view, and which metadata fields you tend to update. For example, if you don’t add text to the Title field in metadata there’s no sense adding that to the information overlay.

Once you’ve configured the info overlay settings the way you’d like them, you can close the View Options dialog. From that point forward you can cycle through the info overlay displays by pressing the letter “I” on the keyboard while working in either the Develop module or the Library module.