Books without Lightroom Classic


Today’s Question: Is there a Book Module in either Photoshop or Bridge?

Tim’s Quick Answer: No, the Book feature available in Lightroom Classic isn’t available in Photoshop or Bridge. However, you can create books without using Lightroom Classic with the free BookWright software from Blurb (

More Detail: The Book module in Lightroom Classic represents an integration with Blurb (, but you don’t have to use Lightroom Classic to create a Blurb book. Instead you can use the free BookWright software from Blurb.

You can download BookWright for free just by having a Blurb account. If you already have an account you can sign in, and if you don’t you can create an account quickly and easily. You can then use the various “Start Project” links on the Blurb website to get started, downloading the latest version of the BookWright software as part of that process.

The BookWright software provides the same basic features as the Book module in Lightroom Classic in terms of creating a book layout featuring your images, selecting the print options, and ordering your book through the Blurb website. You can also make your book available for sale through Blurb if you’re interested in that option.