Sorting Photos by Capture Time


Today’s Question: When I download images from a media card the latest images are all mixed with the older images. Can Lightroom Classic be formatted so last images are at the end?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can sort photos in Lightroom Classic (including within the import dialog) by setting the sort order to Capture Time.

More Detail: In Lightroom Classic you can sort photos by a variety of different attributes. The sort order can obviously be helpful, and in general I find it most helpful to sort by capture time so that the photos are displayed in the order I captured them. In other cases, I might sort by star rating or a different metadata attribute.

You can select your desired sort order by choosing an option from the Sort popup, which can be found on the toolbar below the grid view display in both the Library module and the Import dialog. In the Library module if the toolbar is not displayed below the grid view you can press the letter “T” on the keyboard to bring it back.

In the Import dialog there is an “Off” setting for the Sort popup, in which case the images will appear in what may seem like a random order based on the order they were read from the source you’ve selected to import from.

Simply select the option you prefer for the sort order in the Import dialog or in the Library module, and the photos will be sorted accordingly. Note that there is also a button to the left of the Sort popup that allows you to switch between ascending order versus descending order depending on your preference.