Creative Cloud Activation Limit


Today’s Question: I have an old Windows PC with a copy of Lightroom Classic on it. I don’t use that computer anymore as I have a new PC with my second copy of Lightroom Classic on it. How should I remove my first copy of Lightroom Classic from my old PC before getting rid of it? I want to be able to retain the rights to have two copies of Lightroom Classic installed.

Tim’s Quick Answer: All you need to do is sign out of the Creative Cloud application on your old computer, so that you’ll then be able to sign in using another computer.

More Detail: The applications included with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plan are limited to having two active copies at a time. Therefore, if you’re using Lightroom Classic on two computers, you won’t be able to activate the software on a third computer unless you sign out of your account on one of the other computers.

Fortunately, simply signing out of the Creative Cloud application (which is the same application where you install updates to Creative Cloud applications) will deactivate the applications on that computer. That in turn will make it possible to then sign in on another computer, with a total of two active computers at any time signed in for your Creative Cloud subscription.

To sign out of Creative Cloud on one of your computers, start by bringing up the Creative Cloud application. You can launch the application directly like any other installed application, but you should also see an icon for Creative Cloud on the taskbar on Windows or the dock on Macintosh. Click that icon to bring up the Creative Cloud application. Then, at the top-right corner of the Creative Cloud window click on the icon representing your user account and choose “Sign out” from the popup menu.