Multiple Versions of Applications


Today’s Question: I was looking at my Adobe Creative Cloud Apps and I saw that I have 3 versions of Bridge: Bridge V 11.1.4, Bridge V 12.0.4, and Bridge V 13.0.3. Can I safely uninstall the previous versions and keep the latest, V 13.0.3?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, as long as the most recent version of a Creative Cloud application is working properly, you can safely remove the older versions of that application.

More Detail: When you install a major update of an Adobe Creative Cloud application, such as from Adobe Bridge version 12 to 13, the application isn’t actually updated, but rather the new version is installed as a separate copy. In this way it is possible to accumulate multiple versions of a given Creative Cloud application.

Provided the latest version is working properly, and you don’t have any need to retain multiple versions, you can most certainly install the older versions. For most users there is no need to retain any versions of an application other than the latest version.

You can remove applications from the same Creative Cloud application you use to install the latest updates. Select the “All apps” option from the menu along the left side of the window and review the applications in the “Installed” section. For any duplicates you can click the “more” button (the three dots icon) at the far right of the older versions you no longer need. From the popup that appears you can then choose the “Uninstall” option.

When prompted about whether you want to keep or remove the preferences, you can click the Remove button to remove the preferences for that version along with the application itself. Once again, this assumes the latest version is working properly, including any plug-ins you may want to use with the latest version.