Changing Color Label Opacity


Today’s Question: At one time, I found an option that allowed me to change the intensity of color of a Color Label in Lightroom Classic. For example, I could change a red label from light to dark shade of red. I can no long find this function and would appreciate your help.

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can adjust the opacity for the color label that appears on the frame around photos in the grid view using the “Tint grid cells with label colors” popup in the Library View Options dialog.

More Detail: In Lightroom Classic an indication of the color label you have assigned to a photo is shown as a color tint on the frame around the image in the grid view display, as well as on the filmstrip on the bottom panel. By default, this tint is set to an opacity of 20%, which results in a color tint that doesn’t necessarily stand out as much as you might like. Fortunately, you can adjust the setting for this color label tint.

To get started, go to the Library module and from the menu choose View > View Options to bring up the Library View Options dialog. Go to the Grid View tab, and in the Options section at the top of the dialog you’ll find the “Tint grid cells with label color” checkbox. Make sure the checkbox is turned on, and then select an opacity setting from the popup to the right.

The available options for opacity range from 10% to 50% in 10% increments. In my opinion the 10% option is far too faint, to the point that I feel I would not really notice the color labels at all. I personally prefer the 50% option, because it makes the color labels stand out very clearly, and I do tend to use color labels somewhat frequently in my workflow.

If you make sure that images with color labels assigned are visible before you bring up the Library View Options dialog, you will see the tint for color labels update in real time in the background, so you can better determine which setting you prefer to use. Note, by the way, that you can also turn off the color tint altogether by turning off the “Tint grid cells with label colors” checkbox.