GreyLearning Ultimate Event: Backing Up Your Photos


Registration is now open for my next live online GreyLearning Ultimate Events, focused on “Backing Up Your Photos”. The live online event will be on Wednesday, May 17th, from 1pm to 5pm Eastern Time.

What’s so “ultimate” about the “GreyLearning Ultimate Events”? Well, to start with they’re free to photographers who subscribe to my GreyLearning Ultimate Bundle ( Recordings of all presentations will also available, so you can watch even if you can’t attend live, or review the presentations at any time. Importantly, these events leverage my extensive experience in photography, digital imaging, and more, to provide in-depth information to help you master the subject matter presented.

If you’re not a GreyLearning Ultimate Bundle subscriber, that’s OK! Non-subscribers can attend the live online event and access recordings of all presentations for just $20.

You can get all the details of this upcoming live online event here:

I look forward to helping photographers ensure their photos are backed up securely with this upcoming GreyLearning Ultimate Event!