Filtering by Color Profile


Today’s Question: Is there a way in Lightroom Classic to find all images with a specific color profile such as CMYK? I do some print books and bring back converted images to Lightroom Classic.

Tim’s Quick Answer: While there is not a built-in way to filter images based on their color profile in Lightroom Classic, there is a plugin that can enable this type of search.

More Detail: While Lightroom Classic includes a wide variety of filter criteria for locating specific photos, the range of options is still somewhat limited. Among other things, there is not an option in Lightroom Classic to filter by color profile. Fortunately, however, there is a plugin that enables you to search based on many different metadata values. The Any Filter plugin, in fact, currently supports searching based on 738 fields.

Using the Any Filter plugin is not as streamlined as simply working within Lightroom Classic to search for specific photos, but it does provide a considerably expanded range of filter options compared to Lightroom Classic. You can learn more about the Any Filter plugin here:

Another option would be to track this information yourself manually. For example, I often use what I refer to as “fake keywords” to identify specific attributes for my photos. For example, I add “InstagramShare” as a keyword to photos that I’ve shared to my Instagram feed (

In the context of photos prepared for printing using the CMYK color space, for example, you could add “CMYKColor” or something similar as a keyword.

Fortunately, the Any Filter plugin enables you to perform the search you are looking for, but this issue provides a good reminder that if there are criteria you want to track for your images you can use other metadata for that purpose, such as by using color labels, keywords, or other metadata field updates.