Photo Sort Popup Missing


Today’s Question: I noticed that the sort options that used to be in the toolbar just above the filmstrip [in Lightroom Classic] have vanished. I can still sort the photos by going to menu option View > Sort. Is there a way to get those options back where they used to be, on the toolbar above the filmstrip?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can bring back the Sort popup by choosing Sorting from the popup at the far right of the toolbar below the image preview area.

More Detail: By default, the Sort popup is shown on the toolbar below the image preview area in Lightroom Classic when you are in the grid view display. The Sort popup is not included with the loupe view display by default.

However, you can also customize the toolbar to add or remove various controls. That includes the ability to remove the Sort popup from the toolbar for the grid view (even if only accidentally) or to add the popup to the toolbar for the loupe view.

To change the configuration for the toolbar click the popup at the far right of the toolbar, which has a downward pointing triangle on it. On the popup that appears you’ll see a checkmark to the left of items that are currently enabled, and no checkmark for items that are hidden. Select an item from the popup to toggle its status between enabled and hidden.

Keep in mind that there are separate configurations for the loupe view and the grid view, so you can customize each individually. That includes, for example, adding the Sort popup to the loupe view if you’d like.