Photos from Photoshop are Missing


Today’s Question: I have a new problem where Photoshop is not saving photos to Lightroom Classic. I’m saving as TIFF, and the saved Photoshop images are appearing on the external hard drive but not in Lightroom Classic.

Tim’s Quick Answer: This appears to be the common situation where the “Save As” command is being used in Photoshop for photos sent from Lightroom Classic. When you’re finished working with an image in Photoshop with this workflow, simply choose File > Save (not Save As) from the menu followed by File > Close.

More Detail: In my experience if you use the “Save As” command to save a copy of an image in Photoshop that was sent directly from Lightroom Classic, most of the time that copy will not appear in your Lightroom Classic catalog.

In effect, when you use the Photo > Edit In command from Lightroom Classic to send a photo to Photoshop, Lightroom Classic has already told Photoshop where to save the file, what filename to use, and what file format (TIFF or PSD) to save the image in. If you interfere by using the “Save As” command, the image you save will generally not make it to the Lightroom Classic catalog.

If you were using the Save As command because you wanted to change certain settings, such as to save as a TIFF rather than a PSD file, those settings can be changed in the Preferences dialog. On the External Editing tab of the Preferences dialog adjust the settings in the “Edit in Adobe Photoshop” dialog. Those options include the file format to be used (TIFF or PSD), the color space, bit depth, and resolution. If you’ve selected TIFF as the file format you will also have an option for selecting a compression setting.

Just be sure that when you’re finished working with the image in Photoshop that you only use the Save command, not the Save As command. Any other changes beyond that, such as renaming the image or moving it to a different folder, should be done within Lightroom Classic, not while you’re working in Photoshop.