Importing Scanned Photos


Today’s Question: Is it easy to import the digital images that you get back from into Lightroom Classic?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, the digital images you get back from a slide scanning service can easily be imported into Lightroom Classic, as they are saved in standard image formats.

More Detail: The specific details of the files you get back will depend on the slide scanning service you use. For example, saves all scanned images as JPEG images. Other services, such as DigMyPics (, offer an option to save the scans as TIFF images, which is a better option if you want optimal quality especially for later printing the images.

Regardless, the image files are saved into standard image formats that are supported by Lightroom Classic. In most cases the files are either available for download through the company’s website, or shipped to you on a portable storage device. In either case you can save the files into the desired folder location and import into your Lightroom Classic catalog.

My typical approach in this type of situation is to save the images into the intended folder location, then import using the “Add” option at the top-center of the Import dialog in Lightroom Classic. If you copy the photos into a folder that is already being managed within Lightroom Classic, you could also right-click on that folder in Lightroom Classic and choose “Synchronize Folder” from the popup. The new photos in that folder will be identified so they can be imported into the catalog with ease.

Ultimately, importing digital files received from a scanning service is basically the same as importing any other photos, except that in many cases you may be adding the photos from their current storage location rather than copying them during import as you typically would when importing from a media card taken out of the camera.