Photo Book Printing Recommendations


Today’s Question: What is your recommendation on the best quality in photobooks? I see that Lightroom incorporates Blurb in their product and I have read good reviews about Mixbook photobooks.

Tim’s Quick Answer: The integration of Blurb in Lightroom Classic certainly provides convenience for many photographers, and Blurb also provides a good marketplace of options for photographers to sell their work. You might consider other services, some of which can provide improved print quality, such as Artifact Uprising, Printique, and Mixbook.

More Detail: If your top priority is image quality I recommend looking at Artifact Uprising ( This will likely be among the most expensive photo book printing services you’ll find, but the quality is superb. This is a great choice for producing albums for a high-end wedding album, for example.

Also providing excellent print quality are Printique ( and Mixbook ( These services won’t be as expensive as a service such as Artifact Uprising, but still provide excellent print quality.

Blurb ( also provides very good print quality, along with some features that make it a great choice for photographers. If you’re a Lightroom Classic user you can design your photo book right within the Book module in Lightroom Classic. You can also use their special software to create a book.

Blur also provides an excellent marketplace, making it easy to offer your book for sale. And like many of the other photo book printers, there are a number of other printing options to choose from such as magazines.

In my experience any of the above options represent a great choice for photographers wanting to showcase their photos in book form. Choosing a specific service mostly involves deciding which specific features are most important to you for the book you’ll produce.