Download Before Import


Today’s Question: When would you download photos with Adobe Bridge before importing into Lightroom Classic?

Tim’s Quick Answer: The only time I would download photos with Adobe Bridge before importing photos into Lightroom Classic would be when importing photos from a mobile device such as a smartphone. Otherwise, I always download as part of the process of importing photos into Lightroom Classic.

More Detail: I strongly recommend making full use of the import feature in Lightroom Classic, including downloading photos from a media card to their final destination as part of that process. This helps to streamline the import workflow and avoid the confusion that can occur when you download photos before importing them into the catalog.

However, with smartphones and other mobile devices I generally download photos first and then import them into Lightroom Classic. That is because with some mobile devices (especially iPhones and iPads) it can be challenging to delete photos after having downloaded them.

Therefore, I use a workflow that involves downloading photos from my mobile device to a temporary storage location using Adobe Bridge. I then import the photos into my Lightroom Classic catalog, copying them to the intended final destination. At that point I will confirm the deletion of photos from my mobile device in Adobe Bridge.

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