Removing Plug-Ins from “Edit In” Menu in Lightroom Classic


Today’s Question: In Lightroom Classic, when you go to the menu or right click on an image, you can select Edit in. Is it possible to edit the list of programs shown? For instance, I can see Aurora 2018 on the list even though Aurora 2018 has been removed from the computer. The same questions could also apply for the Export command.

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can remove external editors from the “Edit In” list on the External Editing tab of the Preferences dialog in Lightroom Classic. You can remove Export presets from within the Export dialog.

More Detail: If you have uninstalled plug-ins, such as when upgrading to a newer version, the plug-in may remain on the Photo > Edit In menu as well as the Export dialog, depending on the type of plug-in. Fortunately, you can clean up these leftover references to plug-ins you no longer use.

For the Photo > Edit In menu you’ll need to make the changes on the External Editing tab of the Preferences dialog. For Windows users you can select Edit > Preferences from the menu, and Macintosh users can select Lightroom Classic > Preferences. Within the Preferences dialog go to the External Editing tab.

In the Additional External Editor section of the File Handling tab in Preferences you can select the preset you want to remove from the Preset popup. Once the preset is selected click the popup again and choose “Delete preset”. Then make sure that the Preset popup reflects a preset that is actually installed, and that you tend to use frequently, as that will appear as a separate entry on the Photo > Edit In menu.

Some plug-ins also install export presets, such as with HDR (high dynamic range) plug-ins that benefit from having raw captures sent directly to the plug-in rather than using a derivative image such as a TIFF file. Click the Export button at the bottom of the left panel in the Library module. Then select the name of the preset you no longer need from the list at the left side of the dialog and click the Remove button at the bottom of that list. You can then click the Done button to close the Export dialog.

Once you’d removed the external editor or export preset (or both) the applicable plug-ins will no longer appear on the lists.