Cloud Backup Options


Today’s Question: I’m wondering why you don’t use the cloud service built into GoodSync?

Tim’s Quick Answer: I use Backblaze ( for my cloud-based backup, and GoodSync software ( for my local backups. The primary reason I don’t use GoodSync for my cloud-based backup is that the storage cost is considerably higher than with Backblaze.

More Detail: I have been using GoodSync ( for a number of years to back up my hard drives locally. I maintain two backup copies of each external hard drive, so that I have a primary drive (such as a “Photos” drive) along with a “Photos Backup 1” drive and a “Photos Backup 2” drive.

More recently I started using Backblaze ( for my cloud-based backup, which makes it easy to have a backup that is stored offsite. I’ve been very happy with the Backblaze service, and feel more comfortable knowing I have a backup of my important data stored at a remote location.

GoodSync also offers a cloud-based storage option, enabling you to back up your data to a remote server location. I would be perfectly comfortable using GoodSync for this purpose, since I have been so happy with their backup software. However, their cloud-based storage is considerably more expensive than Backblaze.

The Backblaze personal backup service starts at $7 per month, which comes out to $84 per year. You can get a lower annual cost by paying for one or two years at a time. The Backblaze subscription provides unlimited backup storage.

GoodSync, by contrast, charges based on how much storage you use. Based on my storage needs, I would need to opt for their 8TB plan, which would cost about $700 per year. Therefore, I continue to use Backblaze as my cloud-based backup solution.

Note that GoodSync is not more expensive at all storage levels. For example, if I were only backing up the internal hard drive on my laptop I would only need to opt for the 1TB storage option, which would cost about $100. But as a photographer of course I want to back up much more data, so Backblaze represents the better value.