Monitor and Keyboard Recommendations


Today’s Question: Which monitor and keyboard would you recommend to work with the new MacBook Pro when at home with your desk setup?

Tim’s Quick Answer: If I were buying a new monitor today it would be the BenQ SW240 ( For a keyboard I prefer the feel of Apple keyboards, and so I use their wireless keyboard that includes the numeric keypad (

More Detail: As I’ve noted in previous answers, I use a laptop (MacBook Pro, as my exclusive computer, without using a desktop computer. However, when I’m home I very much prefer to have a configuration that makes my laptop feel like a desktop.

To start with, I prefer to have a larger monitor alongside my laptop. I use the external monitor as my primary display, with my laptop serving as a secondary display to the side. If I were buying a new monitor today it would be the BenQ SW240 (, and I currently use an older model BenQ display. I personally prefer the 24-inch size since I tend to be relatively close to the display. I also favor displays that are as close as possible to covering the full Adobe RGB color space. I prefer a resolution of 1920×1080, but some photographers may prefer a higher-resolution 4K display.

I happen to prefer the feel of Apple’s keyboards, and I prefer a keyboard with a numeric keypad. I therefore use the Apple Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad (, though there is a smaller model available without the numeric keypad (

I also prefer using a mouse rather than the trackpad build into my laptop, so I use an Apple Magic Mouse 2 ( I supplement the mouse with a Xencelabs Pen Tablet, preferring the medium size with the Quick Keys bundle option (