Apple M1 Update


Today’s Question: In September 2021 you wrote about the Apple M1 processor in your MacBook Pro. Are you still pleased with it? Is it possible to give us an update? Has the first M1 been replaced recently?

Tim’s Quick Answer: I am still very happy with the performance of my MacBook Pro with the M1 processor, and since that time new models have been released ( which offer some good improvements.

More Detail: I have been very impressed with the improved performance provided by the Apple M1 processor compared to the Intel processors used in previous models of Apple computers. The newest models feature some additional improvements, including more ports for connecting peripherals.

I was having some problems with my previous Intel-based MacBook Pro, which led me to upgrade to an M1-based MacBook Pro a bit earlier than I had intended. This provided a good opportunity to do some hands-on testing with the M1 processor, but it also meant I was impacted by some of the reduced specifications, such as only having two USB-C ports on my MacBook Pro, and no HDMI connector (an adapter must be used instead).

The newest MacBook Pro models include improved performance with updated processors. Perhaps more important in my view however is the addition of more ports. The newer models include three USB-C ports, a dedicated HDMI port, and a built-in SD card reader.

So, I most certainly do recommend the latest updated MacBook Pro computers, which are the “Late 2021” models. You can find the details of the 14-inch model that is nicely equipped here: