Choosing a Calibration Tool


Today’s Question: Do you find any benefit for photographers in either the ColorChecker Display Pro or Plus packages over the basic package?

Tim’s Quick Answer: No, in my view there is no reason to spend more for the Pro or Plus package for display calibration, as the basic ColorChecker Display ( will provide everything you need to calibrate a monitor or digital projector.

More Detail: With most monitor calibration packages you’ll find there are several models available, with additional features included with the more expensive models. This generally includes additional controls for customizing the calibration target, so that you can specify particular values for the white point or luminance.

However, the basic calibration package typically includes all of the features you need, such as targeting standard white point and luminance values. That is the case with the Calibrite ColorChecker Display, and so I don’t recommend spending more for the Pro or Plus packages.

Note, by the way, that there has been some confusion about my recommendation of Calibrite products rather than the X-Rite Photo products I have recommended in the past. Calibrite effectively represents a rebranding of the X-Rite Photo brand, so the same technology in the X-Rite products I had previously recommended is now part of the Calibrite family of products.

You can learn more about the Calibrite ColorChecker Display package here: