Masking in Lightroom Classic 11


Today’s Question: I see that Adobe announced big changes to local corrections in Lightroom Classic 11. Do you think these updates make Photoshop less important for photographers?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, I do think the new changes to targeted adjustments (local corrections) in Lightroom Classic are significant and mean that photographers will be less likely to need to send photos to Photoshop for applying targeted adjustments.

More Detail: The new version 11 of Lightroom Classic represents a substantial change to how targeted adjustments are applied. There are new powerful options for automatically selecting the sky or a key subject in a photo, and very flexible options for assembling compound masks for photos.

While there are still situations where you will want to send a photo to Photoshop for some of the more powerful selection and masking features there, the new updates in Lightroom Classic 11 mean that more often than not you’ll be able to apply the targeted adjustments directly in Lightroom Classic.

These new features can be a little daunting at first, but rest assured that I have new content to help you master these new features. That includes new lessons on “Applying Targeted Adjustments” and “Updating Metadata for Your Photos” in my new “Lightroom Lectures” course. That course is included in the “Mastering Lightroom Classic” bundle, which you can find here: