Pixology Magazine September 2021


The September 2021 issue of Pixology magazine is now available, featuring the following articles:

  • Resolution and Cropping
    Get insights on how to compare different cameras with sensors featuring different resolutions and different physical dimensions.
  • Quick Mask Mode
    Learn how to use the powerful “Quick Mask Mode” in Photoshop to refine or create selections.
  • Moving the Catalog
    Find out the right way to move your Lightroom Classic catalog to a different storage location, such as to easily access the catalog from more than one computer.
  • Apple M1 Processor
    A look at the pros and cons of the latest computers featuring the new Apple M1 processor, and whether you should consider buying now.
  • Photo Story: Circumnavigation
    Sometimes it is difficult to choose a favorite photo from a single trip, especially when the trip is relatively long and involves visits to multiple locations.

Pixology magazine is included in the GreyLearning Ultimate Bundle, and is also available as a standalone subscription here: