Thumbnails for TIFF Images


Today’s Question: I’m using Windows 10 and am not able to see thumbnails of TIFF images in the Windows Explorer file system. There’s just a generic icon presented. How do we get Windows to treat us a little friendlier?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You should be able to view thumbnails for TIFF images (even with layers) on Windows as long as the “Thumbnail” checkbox is turned on in the Save As dialog when you save the image. Otherwise you may need to reset the thumbnails within Windows.

More Detail: You can enable the option to save a thumbnail as part of a TIFF image saved in Photoshop by turning on the “Thumbnail” checkbox in the Save As dialog. Note that there is also a related “Thumbnail” checkbox in the File Saving Options section of the File Handling tab of the Preferences dialog.

If you’re still not seeing accurate thumbnails in Windows for TIFF images saved with Photoshop, you may need to clear the thumbnail cache for Windows. You can find an article with information on how to correct this issue here: