History for Duplicated Adjustments


Today’s Question: When I copy Develop Adjustments to other photos, the History doesn’t show what those adjustments are. Is there any way to show them?

Tim’s Quick Answer: No. When you apply a set of “batch” adjustments to an image in Lightroom Classic, the History section will only show that batch application, rather than the individual adjustments that were updated.

More Detail: Lightroom Classic includes a variety of features that enable you to apply a “batch” of adjustments to an image. You can copy and paste adjustments from one image to another, use the “Previous” button to apply all adjustments from the previously edited image to the current image, or apply a preset to a photo.

However, when you use one of these options to add a batch of adjustments to an image, the History section of the left panel in the Develop module will not show you all of the adjustments that were actually applied. Instead, you’ll see an indication that a preset was applied or that settings were pasted to the image, for example.

This can certainly be frustrating when you’re trying to figure out exactly which adjustments were applied to a given image through one of these “batch” options. You could, of course, review the individual adjustments on the right panel in the Develop module. By going to the state in the History section just before the batch of adjustments were applied, and then returning to the most recent history state with those adjustments applied, you can watch for the changes on the right panel to see which adjustments were altered.

However, there is not an option to have the history show all of the adjustments included in a batch application of adjustments, other than a history state for that batch adjustment.