Correcting Location Coordinates


Today’s Question: Is there a way in Lightroom Classic to correct the GPS coordinates for a photo where the information isn’t completely accurate? I tried to drag the pin around on the map, but that only moves the map without moving the pin.

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can indeed correct location information for photos by dragging the applicable pushpin on the map to the correct location. However, you need to be sure to unlock the pushpin markers first.

More Detail: The Map module in Lightroom Classic enables you to browse your photos in the context of a map, with pushpins appearing on the map for photos that have GPS coordinates embedded in metadata. In addition, you can use the map to add location information or update location information for photos.

To correct inaccurate location information for a photo you can drag the pushpin on the map for the photo to the correct location. First, however, you need to unlock the markers for the pushpins. On the toolbar below the map, you’ll see a padlock icon. You can click that icon to toggle the lock status of the pushpin markers.

The lock icon will show locked (closed) when the markers are locked, and unlocked (open) when you are able to drag the markers around on the map. Simply click to toggle to the desired status.

You can click on a pushpin marker on the map to see a popup with a thumbnail for the photo (or photos) at that location on the map. This allows you to confirm you will be moving the marker for the correct photo(s). Then drag the marker to the correct position, and the GPS coordinates in metadata will be updated accordingly.

You can also add location information for photos that lack GPS coordinates in metadata. To do so, simply drag a photo (or multiple selected photos) from the filmstrip on the bottom panel to the appropriate position on the map.