Easy Model Releases


Today’s Question: How do you handle permissions and model releases when you take someone’s photo?

Tim’s Quick Answer: I use a mobile app called Easy Release (https://applicationgap.com) to create digital model releases using a smartphone.

More Detail: Depending on how a photo is used, you may need a model (or property) release in order to publish the photo. For example, if a recognizable person appears in a photo that will be used in an advertisement, a model release is generally required.

I have found that the Easy Release app for both iOS and Android mobile devices makes the process of creating a release fast and easy. Among other things, this can help improve the chances that someone you want to photograph will sign the release, since the process is so straightforward.

With the Easy Release app you can enter contact information and other details about the model, capture a reference photo of the person that becomes part of the release, and have the model sign the release directly on your mobile device. You can then generate a PDF document that includes the full release details.

If you photograph people or private property, it is a good idea to get a release from the model or property owner. The Easy Release app is in my opinion an excellent way to create a signed release.