Automatic Lens Correction


Today’s Question: How do you create a Preset for Importing which includes Len Correction when the lens may be different for different pictures?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can use the “Auto” setting for Setup option for profile-based Lens Corrections to create a preset that will apply the adjustment properly based on the metadata for each image.

More Detail: Lightroom Classic enables you to apply profile-based corrections to photos based on the optical qualities of the lens that was used. That includes both distortion correction and vignetting correction.

To apply this adjustment to an image in the Develop module start by going to the Profile tab of the Lens Corrections section of the right panel. You can then turn on the “Enable Profile Corrections” checkbox and choose “Auto” from the Setup popup. At this point the appropriate profile should be selected below based on the metadata for the image, assuming there is a profile for the lens that was used.

If you want to include the profile-based Lens Corrections adjustment as part of a preset, I recommend using the “Auto” option for setup. This will enable the correction to be customized for each image. I use a preset with this profile-based lens correction as part of a Develop preset I apply at import, so that all images I import have this correction applied.

After applying this and any other desired adjustments to an image, you can click the plus symbol (+) to the right of the Presets heading on the left panel in the Develop module and choose Create Preset from the popup menu. In the New Develop Preset, turn on the checkbox for all adjustments you want to include as part of the new preset, such as the Lens Profile Corrections checkbox in this example. Enter a name for the preset at the top of the dialog and click the Create button to create the new preset.

That new preset can then be applied to any image, including to images upon import using the Develop Settings popup in the Apply During Import section of the right panel in the Import dialog.