Synchronizing Camera Raw Adjustments


Today’s Question: Can you tell me where the “synchronize” button is in Camera Raw in Photoshop? I want to be able to make adjustments based on one image that apply to other similar images.

Tim’s Quick Answer: In Adobe Camera Raw you can synchronize adjustments on multiple images automatically by selecting all of the photos on the filmstrip and then applying adjustments. You can also synchronize the adjustments from one photo to other selected photos by clicking the sync button at the bottom of the toolbar that appears when you hover over an image thumbnail.

More Detail: When you open multiple raw captures in Adobe Photoshop, all of those images will initially be opened in Camera Raw so you can adjust the settings for the raw captures. You can work on one image at a time if you prefer, but it is also possible to synchronize adjustments across multiple images.

If you select all of the images on the filmstrip within Camera Raw (such as by choosing Edit > Select All from the menu), adjustments you apply are automatically synchronized across all of the selected images.

If you want to synchronize adjustments after applying those adjustments to a single image, you can first set the image with the adjustments you want to synchronize as the active image and then select all of the images. Then hover your mouse over the thumbnails, which will cause a small toolbar to appear at the top-right of the thumbnail. The bottom button is a synchronize button.

When you click that synchronize button, a dialog will appear that enables you to select the specific adjustments you want to synchronize to the other selected images. Turn on the checkboxes for those adjustments you want to synchronize or click the Check All button if you want to apply all adjustments. Then click the OK button and the adjustments from the active image will be applied to the other selected images.