Order of Preset Groups


Today’s Question: Is it possible to move the User Presets up to the top of the Presets panel in the Develop Module of Lightroom Classic?

Tim’s Quick Answer: While you can’t exactly arrange the presets on the left panel in the Develop module in Lightroom Classic, there are a few ways to make it easier to access your favorite presets and hide preset groups you don’t use.

More Detail: One of the quickest ways to make sure the presets you use most are readily available at the top of the Presets section of the left panel in the Develop module is to mark those presets as favorites. When you mark a preset as a favorite, it will be added to a “Favorites” group at the top of the Presets list. To mark a preset as a favorite, simply right-click on the preset and choose “Add to Favorites” from the popup menu.

It can also be helpful to hide groups of presets you don’t use, such as perhaps some (or all) of the default presets that are included automatically in Lightroom Classic. To hide (or reveal) groups of presets, right click on one of the preset groups in the Presets section and choose “Manage Presets” from the popup menu. In the Manage Presets dialog you can then turn off the checkbox for any groups you want to hide or turn on the checkbox for any groups you want to reveal. Click the Save button to update the Presets list based on your changes.

It is also worth noting that the preset groups you create are sorted alphabetically. You can therefore rename your preset groups in a strategic way to have the most important groups on top, for example. Simply right-click on a preset group and choose Rename to change the name of that preset group.

Similarly, the individual presets are sorted alphabetically within the preset group they are contained in, so you could also use an approach to naming your presets (such as with leading numbers) to have those presets sorted in your preferred order.