Special Characters in Keywords


Today’s Question: How can words with special alphabet characters (such as Dragør, smörgåsbord, Värmland, Nærøy Fjords) be included in keywords for Lightroom Classic?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can most certainly use special characters in keywords in Lightroom Classic. These include both symbols and characters from foreign languages.

More Detail: It is important to have something of a strategy when it comes to keywording your photos, and that includes thinking about spelling. For example, will you use the local language for the names of places (such as Firenze, Italia) or the name used in your own language (such as Florence, Italy)?

Taken a step further, you can decide if you will use special characters such as those from other languages, or a variation based on your own language. For example, will you include an “O” with the umlaut to add “Österreich” as a keyword, or will you leave the umlaut off and use “Osterreich”, or will you use the English version of “Austria”?

For some special characters you can use keyboard shortcuts. In other cases, you may need to use an international keyboard setting for the operating system. In addition, software such as a word processor application can be used to type words with special characters, which you can then copy-and-paste into the Keywords in Lightroom Classic.