Focal Length Distribution


Today’s Question: On your trip around the world with one lens what does a histogram of focal length usage look like?

Tim’s Quick Answer: During my extended trip in 2019 that too me around the world, I used only a Tamron 18-400mm lens ( Looking at the data, I see that about 25% of the total number of photos were captured either at the maximum focal length (17% of the photos) or at the minimum focal length (about 8% of the photos).

More Detail: In early 2019 I had the opportunity to take an extended trip while teaching onboard a cruise ship. Between flights and travel on the ship, I ended up traveling all the way around the planet. For fun, I decided to only bring a single lens with me. For maximum flexibility though, I opted for the Tamron 18-400mm lens.

I created a histogram chart of the distribution of focal lengths used during the trip. But as noted above, a significant percentage of the images were captured at either the maximum or minimum focal length I had available.

You can read a bit more, and see a chart of the focal length distribution, on the GreyLearning blog here:

In addition, you can view a recording of the presentation I gave as part of the GreyLearning Webinar Series titled “Lessons Learned Around the World with One Lens” on my Tim Grey TV channel on YouTube here: