Filtering Black and White Images


Today’s Question: Is there a way in Lightroom Classic that I can find my black and white conversions and group them so that I can review just the images I’ve converted to black and white?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can filter images to display only those you have converted to black and white using the “Treatment” option for the Metadata controls on the Library Filter bar.

More Detail: There are a wide variety of ways to filter photos in Lightroom Classic, which basically amounts to a sophisticated search feature. Among those options is the ability to filter based on whether you have converted an image to black and white or kept the image in color.

The initial step in converting a photo to black and white from color in Lightroom Classic is to change the Treatment setting in the Basic section of the right panel in the Develop module to “Black & White” rather than “Color”. That is one of the options available for filtering images using the Library Filter controls.

To filter based on converting to black and white, the first step is to switch to the grid view display in the Library module, and then access the Library Filter bar. While in the grid view you can press the backslash key (\) to hide or reveal the Library Filter bar.

On the Library Filter bar you can choose the Metadata option to access the columns for various metadata criteria. You can then set one of the columns to the “Treatment” option by clicking on the heading for a column and choosing “Treatment” from the popup.

Within the Treatment column, you can then choose “Black & White” so that you will only see images that had been converted to black and white with the applicable Treatment setting in the Basic section of the right panel in the Develop module.