Deleting from Develop


Today’s Question: I would love to “cull” images in the Develop module [in Lightroom Classic] but have not figured out how to “delete from computer” without going to the Library module. Is there something I am missing?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can indeed delete photos from any of the modules in Lightroom Classic, except for the Book module for some reason. However, the keyboard shortcut won’t always work for deleting photos, in which case you can right-click on a photo and choose “Remove Photo” from the popup menu.

More Detail: To delete a selected photo (or photos) in Lightroom Classic you can generally just press the Delete key on the keyboard and then click the “Delete from Disk” button in the confirmation dialog. However, there are some circumstances where this keyboard shortcut won’t work.

For example, in the Develop module, if you have an adjustment active so that you can type in the numeric value for a given adjustment, pressing the Delete key will delete numbers from that field rather than being taken as a request to delete the currently selected photo.

In addition, pressing Delete in the Map module will cause you to be prompted if you want to remove GPS coordinates from the metadata for the image, rather than allowing you to delete the image.

So, when you find the Delete key on the keyboard isn’t giving you the option to delete a photo, you can right click on the photo and choose “Remove Photo” from the popup.