Lightroom in a Web Browser


Today’s Question: You said that it was possible to view photos synchronized from Lightroom Classic from any computer using Lightroom in a web browser. How do you do that?

Tim’s Quick Answer: You can view photos from all collections synchronized via Lightroom Classic on your computer by signing in with your Adobe Creative Cloud account after pointing your web browser here:

More Detail: Adobe Lightroom has developed from being an application to a complete ecosystem for managing your photos. While much of this ecosystem revolves around the “cloud” version of the Lightroom desktop application, you can also make use of the cloud synchronization features with Lightroom Classic.

As mentioned in yesterday’s edition of the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter, you can synchronize photos from Lightroom Classic using a collection. Start by adding the photos you’d like to synchronize to a collection in Lightroom Classic. Then make sure synchronization is enabled for the collection.

When synchronization is enabled for a collection, you’ll see a double-headed arrow icon that (to me at least) resembles a lightning bolt. If synchronization is not enabled, when you hover the mouse pointer over the collection, you’ll see an empty box to the left of the collection name. Click that box, and synchronization will be enabled.

After synchronization is complete, you can view your photos from any version of Lightroom, including Lightroom in a web browser. Simply sign in with your Adobe Creative Cloud account to get started, after pointing your web browser here:

Once you are signed in, you’ll see an interface that is very similar to the mobile version of Lightroom that you might already be using on a smartphone or tablet. There you’ll find the collections you synchronized from Lightroom Classic, containing all of the photos from those collections.