Reset Search Columns


Today’s Question: I often change the columns for the Metadata search category based on a specific need as far as locating an image. However, I then sometimes find it difficult to get all of the columns back to their starting point of Date, Camera, etc. Is there an easy way to reset these columns?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can click the popup at the top-right of the Library Filter (to the left of the lock icon) and select “Default Columns” to quickly reset the columns to their default metadata options.

More Detail: The Library Filter bar provides a variety of options for filtering your photos, so you can track down a particular photo in many cases quite easily. Among the more powerful filter option is the Metadata tab. Within this tab you can select metadata fields for the various columns. For example, you could specify that you want to see photos from last year, captured with a particular lens, at a particular lens aperture and shutter speed.

It is also possible to add or remove columns to or from the filter criteria on the Metadata tab. The result is an ability to search for photos, potentially across your entire photographic catalog, based on whatever details you can remember about the metadata for the photo you’re looking for.

Of course, with so much flexibility, it is relatively easy to make a bit of a “mess” with the columns in the Metadata section of the Library Filter bar. In other words, you might want to simply reset the columns to their default value. And, as noted above, you can do exactly that. Simply click the popup to the left of the lock icon at the top-right of the Library Filter bar and choose “Default Columns” from the popup.