Photoshop Workflow Mystery


Today’s Question: I must have some setting not correctly configured in Lightroom. When I edit a JPEG image in Photoshop from Lightroom Classic, the image is saved as a Photoshop file but does not appear in Lightroom’s Library in any collection. I’m not using the ‘Save As’ command. I have to import that PSD image manually into Lightroom. What is the setting (or workflow) that would allow me to accomplish an edited JPEG images as PSD directly into the library? Appreciate any advice you may have.

Tim’s Quick Answer: When you send a photo from Lightroom Classic to Photoshop, and then save and close the image, that image will be saved in the same folder as the original file. Note, however, that the new file will only be added to a collection that the original image is in if you sent the photo to Photoshop from within a collection.

More Detail: In this particular case, I suspect one of two things are happening. First, it is possible that the photo is being sent to Photoshop from a folder in Lightroom Classic, and then you are looking for the image in a collection that the original photo is contained in. In that case the PSD file created as part of this process would not appear in the collection. For the PSD to appear in a collection, you would need to send the image to Photoshop by first selecting it within the collection (not the folder) in Lightroom Classic.

The other issue I see somewhat frequently is confusion caused by the application of filters. For example, when you are searching for the original image in order to send it to Photoshop for additional adjustments, you might filter by file type, such as to locate a raw or JPEG capture. If you then send the image to Photoshop, when you are finished working in Photoshop and return to Lightroom, you won’t actually see the new derivative file that was created.

That is because the new derivative image would be a PSD (or TIFF, depending on the settings you’ve established in Preferences), which would not fit the current filter criteria. Turning off the filter would then cause the PSD file to appear.