New Camera Picture Style Option


Today’s Question: In the newest Lightroom Classic update I have the option in Preferences > Presets to have Lightroom honor the camera settings. If I were to use say, Monochrome on the camera, the image does come into Lightroom with that setting. If I want to revert back to the RAW file with no in-camera settings, do I just select Adobe Color? If I wanted it come into Lightroom with no manipulation by Lightroom via the Adobe Color how can I do that?

Tim’s Quick Answer: The new “Camera Settings” option in the Raw Defaults section of the Presets tab in the Preferences dialog for Lightroom Classic relates to the Picture Style setting in the camera. Using this option will respect the in-camera setting for Picture Style. To revert to the Lightroom default interpretation of the image you can change the Profile setting in the Basic section of the right panel in the Develop module to “Adobe Color”, or your preferred setting.

More Detail: A recent update to Lightroom Classic provides a streamline option for managing the default rendering for raw captures, including an easy way to retain the Picture Style option you have set in the camera.

To retain the Picture Style setting from your camera, you’ll want to select the “Camera Settings” option in Preferences. Start by choosing Lightroom Classic > Preferences from the menu on Macintosh, or Edit > Preferences on Windows. Go to the Presets tab, and click the Master popup in the Raw Defaults section. There you will find a “Camera Settings” option, in addition to an option for “Adobe Default”, as well as a submenu with the various Develop presets you can choose from for default image processing.

For example, if you set your camera to a monochrome setting for Picture Style, with the “Camera Settings” option selected your raw captures would appear in black and white rather than color. To revert to a color interpretation of the photo, you can choose the Adobe Color option (or a different profile if you prefer) from the Profile popup found near the top of the Basic section of the right panel in the Develop module.

Note that it is also now possible to establish different settings (including Develop module presets) for different camera models. To do so, turn on the “Use defaults specific to camera model” checkbox and then create individual settings for the various cameras you use.

Keep in mind that this new option related to camera settings really relates to the Picture Style option, not the wide range of in-camera adjustment settings that are available with some cameras.