Saving “Memories” Videos


Today’s Question: Is there a way to save the videos that an iPad or iPhone creates from the “For You” albums in the Photos app so they can be viewed on a computer or elsewhere?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Yes, you can save these “memories” videos by playing the video on your iPhone or iPad and then using the sharing option to save the slideshow as an actual video file.

More Detail: Under the “For You” tab in the Photos app on an iPhone or iPad you’ll find a Memories heading with a variety of automatically curated slideshows. These slideshows are created by clustering related photos based on the date of capture as well as the location where the photos were captured. The individual memories will be labeled with a location and/or date range.

You can tap on one of the memories to see the photos and that are included. You can also tap the ellipsis button (three dots at the top-right of the memory album) to access editing and sharing options. You can also tap the Play button associated with the memory album to play a slideshow complete with music.

While the slideshow is playing you can tap the screen to bring up a set of options, including a sharing icon at the bottom-left of the slideshow playback. After tapping this sharing button, you can choose the “Save Video” option to save the slideshow as a video in the Photos app. You’ll then find that video slideshow along with the other photos and videos you have captured.

The video can then be played back at any time, downloaded to your computer, sent to another device via AirDrop, or otherwise shared for viewing at anytime.