Camera Firmware Update


Today’s Question: How do I get the firmware update into my camera? Is there an app to do that?

Tim’s Quick Answer: Generally speaking, firmware updates for cameras can be installed in one of two ways. You can either install the update via a memory card inserted into the camera, or by using a connection (such as USB) to install the update to the camera.

More Detail: Today’s question is a follow-up to Friday’s question about a critical issue that calls for a firmware update for certain Canon cameras.

In my experience the most common method for updating the firmware on a digital camera is via a memory card inserted into the camera. You will first need to download the firmware update from the camera manufacturer’s website, and that update can generally be found in the “Support” section of the site. The file is then copied to a memory card, which you can insert into the camera.

Making sure that the camera’s battery is fully charged, you then turn on the camera with the memory card containing the firmware update inserted. You can then follow the prompts on your camera’s display to complete the update.

I’ve also seen cameras that can be updated via a physical connection, such as by connecting the camera to a USB port on a computer and updating either via a special software download or the software that came with your camera. In some cases it is also possible to update via a WiFi Internet connection, if your camera is so equipped.